Cyber Security

Risk Cognizance Cyber has been helping organizations to better understand and improve their management of cybersecurity risk. Cybersecurity refers to the preventative techniques used to protect the integrity of networks, programs and data from attack or unauthorized access. Risk Cognizance Cyber is an accredited ISO 27001 and CMMC services provider.

Why Cyber Security is important to your origination?

With the advent of the Internet and its extensive use over the past decade in the region, came new threats and ways of committing crimes. Worldwide spending on cybersecurity is forecast to reach $133.7 billion, Over 60% of businesses experienced phishing and social engineering attack, 70% of business leaders feel their cyber security risks are increasing, and while data breaches are at and all time high and will continues to grow based on reports from the FBI. Cyberattacks are not only becoming more frequent but also result in large financial losses for victims.

Risk Cognizance Cyber mission is to improve the overall cybersecurity of the global digital ecosystem. We enable our client to share high-quality cyber threat information and solutions.

Cyber Security Next Generation Challenges, Threats and Defense

Unless action is taken now, by 2025 next generation technology, on which the world will increasingly rely, has the potential to overwhelm the defenses of the global security community. Enhanced cyber security is the only means by which this challenge can be addressed, but the approach to cyber security needs to be overhauled before the industry finds itself in any fit state to tackle the threat. Risk Cognizance Cyber security is on the frontline implement and supporting cybersecurity, emerging technology and implement systemic risk management programs.

Next-generation Cyber Security

Next-generation implies that new methods of processing and securing network traffic are being used to provide visibility and control over traffic, applications, and threats. Our enterprise security deals with remote threat protection for large and complex organizations; while cybersecurity scales the vast landscape of the Internet riddled with vulnerabilities and viruses.

Cyber Security Defense

In view of the high-level cyber threat, traditional security is not sufficient anymore. The Cyber Security – Next Generation Challenges, Threats and Defense high level cyber threat especially for IoT systems, critical infrastructure and industrial control systems, coupled with the growing trend of supply chain attacks, requires a novel and more holistic approach to the protection of Mission Critical Systems and Facilities.

Managing Cyber Security Risk:

  • Risk identification

  • Vulnerability reduction

  • Threat reduction

  • Consequence mitigation

  • Enable cyber security outcome

Next-Gen Cyber Security Threat Detection

  • Automated detection and response (ADR) to stop threats and remediate systems automatically

  • Ransomware protection to record file and system changes so systems can be restored to their pre-infected state in the event of a ransomware infection

  • Behavioral analysis to identify malicious files based on behavioral deviations or anomalies

  • Forensics capable of replaying attacks to help security teams better mitigate future breaches

  • Threat intelligence that processes data through ML and AI algorithms to determine whether a file or process is malicious

  • Endpoint detection and response to continuously monitor systems and networks to mitigate advanced threats

Risk Cognizance enterprise cyber security products predict, prevent, detect and respond to cyberattacks. Our cyber solution enable real-time predictive with machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and behavioral analysis to increase prevention, efficacy, and speed.