Managed Incident Response Services

CyberSecOP complete incident response from investigation to crisis management

CyberSecOP incident response helps resolve all aspects and impacts of cyber breaches. Our services include the thorough technical investigation, containment and recovery, Risk Cognizance is known for information security crisis management and we have handle hundreds of cybersecurity incident cases. Emergency Response Team (ERT) and Breach Incident Response services call us at 212-459-0802.

Our Managed Incident Response Services is not only to perform root cause analysis to identify why an incident occurred. Rather, the focus is on doing whatever is necessary to restore your service to a secure normal state. 

When your organization is under a cyber attack, rapid and thorough incident response is essential to minimizing the threat and safeguarding your critical systems and data. Time compounds the problem and any delay or inefficiency will only increase the damage and losses from a security breach.

This is were our experienced Incident Response and Management team to contain, mitigate and help you recover from a security breach shine.  our experienced investigators can quickly be reached to immediately begin assessing the compromise that is targeting your organization. Our well-trained investigators will begin with a remote assessment to quickly provide direction on how to best contain and mitigate the attack.

Ransomware Response and Ransom Payments

Ransomware Decryption and Bitcoin Payments

  • We stand by you decrypting your flies after ransomware attack and pay bitcoins to threat acctor 

Ransomware Response and Threat Intelligence

  • Ransomware Incident will happen to your organization at least once, are you ready to respond.

The CyberSecOP Consulting Effective Incident Response team is available to assist when suspected unauthorized, illegal, or malicious activities are detected. Our skilled specialists are available to respond to incidents across multiple locations. CyberSecOP Consulting has worked with Fortune 500 companies on credit card breaches, malware outbreaks and internal investigations for many years. CyberSecOP Consulting is available to support companies responding to various types of incidents including but not limited to: insider threats, external hackers, malware outbreaks, employee policy violations, and electronic discovery in response to lawsuits.

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