Cyber Threat Defense Solution enhances visibility into these threats by detecting suspicious network traffic patterns within the network. We provide dynamic cyber defense solutions backed by industry-leading expertise, intelligence, and cutting-edge technology.

Cyber Threat Defense & Penetration Testing

We provide dynamic cyber defense solutions that are backed by industry-leading expertise, intelligence, and cutting-edge technology. Risk Cognizance is confident that our unique combination of skills qualifies us to complete any project.

Most organizations continue to use traditional methods, such as commercial security products, to block bad sites and malicious software, as well as to apply patches to fix vulnerabilities in installed software. Although effective against some threats, these approaches fail to prevent advanced attacks and provide no insight into what an adversary does once inside the network.


Threat intelligence of the highest caliber elevates other security technologies logs to identify other potential risks using artificial intelligence. Network security and visibility improve an organization’s ability to detect and respond to threats. All of this, of course, assumes that an organization can determine whether a file or connectivity is malicious or not. This is highly unlikely in traditional security solutions. The majority of threats are unknown to the network.

Threat intelligence can notify your network if an unknown threat is deemed malicious elsewhere on the planet. With Risk Cognizance threat intelligence, a significant number of previously unknown threats become completely known and understood.


The ability to classify and categorize threat intelligence data via the kill chain provides you with information on where in the chain said exploit occurred. Data classification is critical, as is understanding how far down the kill chain a threat has been classified.

  • Reconnaissance

Intruder picks a target, researches it, and looks for vulnerabilities

  • Weaponization

Intruder develops malware designed to exploit the vulnerability

  • Delivery

Intruder transmits the malware via a phishing email or another medium

  • Exploitation

The malware begins executing on the target system

  • Installation

The malware installs a backdoor or other ingress accessible to the attacker.

  • Command and Control

The intruder gains persistent access to the victim’s systems/network

  • Actions on Objective

Intruder initiates end goal actions, such as data theft, data corruption, or data destruction

Cyber Threat Defense & Threat intelligence has become an essential component of the Cyber Security road map. As new and evolving threats emerge daily and cyberattacks become more sophisticated, the Risk Cognizance team of Cyber Security professionals continues to upskill to successfully mitigate threats using threat intelligence programs. Let us help you protect your systems.