Managed Two-Factor Authentication

Manage your two-step verification

With Risk Cognizance Identity and Access Management, and out Managed Two-Factor Authentication services cloud-based two-factor authentication solutions greatly reduce the on-going maintenance and administrative costs of authentication, demonstrating a compelling Return on Investment (ROI) for any organization. Compare our costs to traditional token-based solutions and see how our on-demand, two-factor authentication solution is a more cost-effective alternative.

Managed Two-Factor (2FA) Authentication is a security measure that requires an individual to verify their identity by providing a identifying piece of information along with their username and password in order to access a network.

Your personal accounts, whether email, financial or other, may already be using two-factor authentication. Having a second factor creates another barrier for would-be attackers to cross before gaining unauthorized access to a network. Any form of single-factor authentication, no matter how strong it may appear to be, is naturally risky. Both users and managers can feel more confident in their network security by ensuring a second layer of identity authentication is in place with 2FA.

Protect your digital businesses and fast-growing user-base with improved security using multi-factor authentication.


  • Application Availability Between Hybrid Data Centers
  • Intelligent DNS Scale
  • Multi-Tenancy and the F5 High Performance Services Fabric
  • VMware Horizon View Optimized Solution
  • Cloud Migration


costs with simplified, flat-pricing model and optimize the value of your security investments

  • Secure Web Gateway
  • SSL Everywhere
  • Web Fraud Protection
  • Access Federation


your security posture and make device configuration changes without per-device restrictions


Advanced Secure Web Gateway

Protect your networks, applications and cloud-based service with Managed Two-Factor Authentication.

Strengthen the authentication process and increase the difficulty for attackers to steal or gain access to passwords.

  • Quick & easy migration. With a free migration agent.
  • Software tokens. Usable with PCs, laptops, smartphones & tablets.
  • Admin automation. Authorise & allocate thousands of users in minutes.
  • Self-service portal. Simplify the set-up & distribution of tokens.
  • Automated compliance. Schedule reports in a standards-compliant format