Our vendor risk management (VRM) ensures that your vendors are securing the data you provide and the access you allow to your critical systems. We assess, manage, and monitor risks resulting from third-party vendors and suppliers of information technology (IT) products and services


Our comprehensive approach to third-party risk and vendor management protects your organization and reputation. We have a team of experienced experts in contract compliance that can make the difference between success and disaster during the contracting phase with your vendor. Your Risk Cognizance expert will review your vendor contract from top to bottom, and produce a comprehensive report calling out provisions compliance and making it easy for you to pass regulation audits.

A trusting relationship is built at the core of our comprehensive cyber security offerings. Risk Cognizance is an ISO 27001 Certified organization, in addition to being NIST 800-53/171 compliant based on our activities with DOD contractors. Our cyber security and data security teams utilize an inclusive approach to deliver an overall risk management program. Our services include Cyber Security Programs, Security Assessments, Data Protection, Systems Integration, and Managed Security Services. Through our offerings, we deliver data-driven risk management.


Our Supplier & Vendor Risk Management services provide a centralized place and method to collect, maintain and track critical data for ongoing vendor management.


Whether you need to build a supplier risk management program from the ground up, or have an existing program that needs an overhaul or fine-tuning, we can help. Our senior teams won’t give you a cookie-cutter approach to managing risk, but instead will work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to execute a program. Our programs will enhance your organization’s capability to mitigate risk and evidence your commitment to appropriately managing suppliers.

We provide:

  • The flexibility to manage more suppliers and assessments with greater efficiency so you can spend more time on the critical task of risk management.

  • Resolution or prevention of service interruptions, data breaches, compliance and quality issues.

  • Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to collect and examine data from the internet and proprietary databases to identify risk indicators.


  • Cybersecurity Consulting Our cybersecurity assessment and compliance services help your business make the best decisions regarding capital, resource, and regulatory compliance costs for both current and future information assets.

  • Third Party Risk Managed Service Our third-party risk management service identifies and measures risks of your third parties by assessing relationship risk, business profile risk and control risk through powerful assessment tools, a logical workflow, industry-specific compliance standards and a relevant business strategy.

  • Information Security Assessments Our cyber security assessment services include: Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, Configuration Testing & Writing Information Security Assessment.

  • Virtual CISO, Provides your firm with a board-level cyber security consultant, strategic leadership, security strategy & corporate cyber security consulting. Speak to one of our IT security business consultants today.

  • Data Governance, Provides your firm data protection officer to ensure data protection, helping your organization to handle increasingly large volumes of data and the related regulations, controls and disposition plans.


The rapid globalization of supply chains has made them vulnerable to disruptions such as economic unrest, demand fluctuations, and natural or man-made disasters, with potentially damaging long- and short-term impacts on your business. Enterprises need resilient supply chains to minimize the negative impacts of disruptions on revenue, costs and customers. Not surprisingly, effective supply chain risk management is key to building and maintaining resilient supply chains.


  • Identifying risks and consequences

  • Developing an organizational strategy

  • Creating outcome-based plans to manage risk

  • Implementing risk mitigation plans

  • Measuring impact

Risk Cognizance assists organizations with Cyber Security and Privacy Consulting Services, providing services such as Cybersecurity Program, Data Privacy Security Program, and Cyber Security Assessment services based on the following: NIST, ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI, DFAR, GLBA amongst others. Don’t risk a breach and regulatory fines. Stay compliant with Risk Cognizance Security Compliance and Cyber Incident Response Services. For More Information Call 866-973-2677