Next-Generation Cybersecurity Services

Risk Cognizance use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, we protect our customers’ domains against email impersonation (hackers pretending to be a trusted organization or colleague), phishing, and other email threats.

Next-generation cybersecurity consulting services face off with Next-Generation Cyber Attacks. Get the best in cyber security solutions, cyber security strategies, and incident response solutions. We create information security documentation and complete infrastructure documentation for all of our clients, and our Vendor Management Let us manage the other technology vendors so your team can focus on strategic initiatives.

Risk Cognizance’s Next Generation Risk Management solution provides a ready-made extension to your information security department, leveraging an iterative cyber risk management program and continuous assessment methodology.


Cyber Security & Security Assessment

Our Global Cybersecurity practice has one goal in mind, to help you build business resilience from the inside out with next-generation cybersecurity services that can protect your entire value chain from the inside out.

To stay ahead of a rapidly evolving threat landscape, organizations must adopt security architecture and operations that enable a comprehensive and measured approach to cybersecurity. Risk Cognizance offers Cybersecurity Advisory & Consulting Services to partner with business leaders, helping them discover, align and guide their organizations through this ever-changing environment.

CyberSecop will implement a comprehensive approach to cyber security, identity, protect businesses from cyber threats. Our cybersecurity services cover all the following areas: Cyber Security Program Strategy, Risk Management, Risk Assessment, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response, Advanced Malware, Ransomware Protection, Perimeter Security, Application Assessment, & Security Monitoring Services. Know where you are and how to better protect your organization with cybersecurity gaps analysis to identify a clear road map, and a stronger cybersecurity program.

Cybersecurity Enterprise Mobility and Security

The threat is real and making headlines every day. Hackers have their eyes on the data behind your most critical business functions. Risk Cognizance provides cyber security services and offers a comprehensive set of tools to protect your business from end-to-end. Our security offering is robust enough for the biggest enterprise, yet affordable for the smallest of businesses.

Secure Architecture Design

  • Firewall design & deployment

  • Intrusion detection/prevention system design and deployment

  • High availability web application infrastructure design & deployment

    Domain Expertise

  • Multi-Cloud

  • Endpoint Security – EDR

  • Security Operations

  • Zero-Trust Network Access

Security Assessments & Audits

  • Security program definition

  • Security awareness training & education

  • Internal & external vulnerability assessments

  • Penetration testing

  • Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure & Edge

  • Identity Management

  • Strategic Security Advisory

  • Cloud Security

  • Security Awareness

Next-Generation Technologies & Secure Development

We combine traditional cyber security with the methods used by governments and intelligence agencies to stop terrorists. Get ahead of threats before they happen. Prepare your organization today with Next-Generation Cyber Security.

Demonstrate your cybersecurity controls and compliance posture anytime, all-the-time on enterprise users, devices and networks. Transforming business with disruptive technologies. Risk Cognizance provides networking, security and automation solutions for enterprises, public sector organizations, service providers and network operators. We partner with leading vendors to design, implement and manage technology solutions which support today’s most pressing business challenges and drive transformation.

Enterprise Security and Risk Management Services

Protect you organization with Next-Generation Cybersecurity and services

  • Firewalls

  • Risk assessments

  • Network vulnerability assessments

  • Intrusion prevention and detection systems

  • Managed Detection and Response

Your organization is vulnerable to a plethora of attacks including, but not limited to:

  • Phishing

  • Man in the Middle Attack

  • Ransomware

  • Spyware

  • Denial-of-Service

  • Spamming

  • Trojan Malware

Compliance consulting

Can help you adhere to regulatory compliance and meet strategic business objectives.

Strategy and roadmap planning

Delivers the expert resources, knowledge, and methodology to build a unified security program.


Help prepare your organization against persistent cyberattacks by identifying gaps in your environment. Learn more about our consulting and managed services