Information Security Testing Services

Risk Cognizance provide a comprehensive range of IT security services covering assessment & assurance, strategy & architecture, through to deployment & ongoing management.


Risk Cognizance Security penetration testing (ethical hacking) service tests the security of your IT systems, by identifying and exploiting weaknesses. Identifying how an attacker would gain access to your environment and using those systems as a base for attacks. 

Why Penetration Testing is important

  • Validate internal and/or external security controls, including protections around high-value systems

  • Manual testing that simulates current threats, including pivoting and post exploitation

  • Satisfy compliance needs, including PCI 3.x, FFIEC, HIPAA

  • Confidence in the assessment knowing that the latest threat intelligence and tactics from the Risk Cognizance Counter Threat Unit™ were utilized

  • Tests users in conjunction with your external and internal networks

  • Simulates a common real-world threat; spear phishing + external testing that segues into an Internal foothold

  • Tests your response and detection capabilities

understanding of your vulnerabilities

Effective security starts with a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities. We can help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses in a wide variety of scenarios, from facility security to executive protection. Not only do we bring decades of experience to our assessments, our leading experts can also help you anticipate potential sources of new threats.

Why CyberSecOP for your Information Security Testing Services 

With Cyber Security Operations Consulting ‘s network vulnerability assessment services,  you can find the weak spots in your critical assets and take corrective action before attackers exploit them to sabotage your business or steal your confidential data.

good security begets good compliance

We believe that good security begets good compliance. That’s why everything we do—from our investment and commitment in our security testing and the products we use—is focused on helping you better understand attackers and how to defend against them. This extends to our penetration testing services; every company’s network and challenges are unique, so our penetration testers tailor their methods and attack vectors for each engagement. We also conduct penetration tests on our own network, to ensure they’re always up-to-date in detecting real-world attacks..

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