Ransomware Consulting

Ransomware Consulting & Ransomware Protection

Ransomware can be an effective means of breaching IT security to extort money by encrypting data or otherwise making data inaccessible to its owners and users. Organizations need to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals to be able to prevent an attack or minimize the impact if they fall victim to a security breach. Ransomware has been a significant threat to enterprises, SMBs, and individuals alike since the mid-2000s. FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received 3,985 ransomware complaints that cost victims $4.1 million. Risk Cognizance provide fast data recovery assisting you with ransomware emergency; we can determine the type and complexity of encryption to provide a fixed price for complete ransomware data recovery. Fast, effective, and just-in-time ransomware attack protection is critical, and it is the foundation of our approach. Our cyber security experience allows us to move fast, communicate openly and honestly, establish clear strategies and tactics that support success, and reduce the anxiety you have over the ransomware attack. Time is not on your side when your organization is under attack from ransomware viruses. Our ransomware experts know that getting your files back is crucial and our number one priority.

Ransomware Increased, and Ransomware Payment

Ransomware attacks have increased by 600% this year alone, impacting businesses of all sizes, and more companies are falling victims to these types of cyberattacks. We will arrange, negotiate, and pay a settlement to the threat actor with our ransomware payment services. Paying ransom in a ransomware attack is not as easy as wiring money from a bank or filling a suitcase full of hundred-dollar bills. Ransomware attacks typically require ransom payments in cryptocurrency such as bitcoin.

Ransomware Negotiation with Hacker

Our Ransomware Incident Response Team has handled many Ransomware Recovery or Negotiation cases, and thus we know that getting your files back is crucial and our number one priority. We developed our Ransomware Support Practice to resolve current hostage attacks and then empower the organization with guided changes to help prevent future ransomware attacks.


Ransomware Consulting & Ransomware Removal

No need to configure cryptocurrency wallets or transactions with cybercriminals. We support the trade while charging you no commission or crypto exchange fees.

Ransomware Support Practice: Cyber Attack Experts

  • Standing by 24/7. We’re available to provide ransomware incident response and payment services when you need us most.

  • Fast Removal. We will review the current ransomware infection and work with you to quickly develop steps to remediate and get your business back online.

  • File Recovery. Every situation is unique. Our cyber experts are brilliant at restoring your files. Doing it without cybersecurity experts can cause you to lose your files permanently.

  • Ransomware Payments. Paying criminals a ransom doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your data back. But in some cases, it is necessary to get your business back up and running.

  • Trusted Ransomware Removal Experts. We have the experience, certification, and testimonial to provide excellent ransomware removal services.  


It is impossible to recover information without the decryption key. The best way to avoid paying ransoms is to prevent infections from occurring. Most ransomware comes from RDP exposed ports and email attachments; always exercise extreme caution when opening them.

Up-to-date antivirus programs can often protect you from this problem. Be sure to scan all software downloads and email attachments before using them. However, don’t let virus scanners give you an unrealistic sense of security. Ransomware developers constantly modify their code to stay ahead of antivirus utilities.

If your computers become infected, a recent backup will enable you to restore the encrypted files. Remember to make copies regularly and verify your backup system truly works. Please don’t keep this data on media that stays connected to a computer; ransomware could encrypt it.