Ransomware Negotiation & First Responder

tactical ransomware negotiation Services

We are a 24/7 ransomware negotiation & ransomware first responder services with years of experience, don’t put your business in the hands of novice. Let our experts guide your company to a safe and secure recovery. Speak with one of our ransomware negotiation expert now at 866-973-2677, ask about our ransomware negotiation, ransomware data recovery and ransomware payment services. Our Ransomware Negotiator handle over 200 ransomware cases last year. Our ransomware experts has the know how, and will work with you to recover your data as quickly as possible. Let our experts provide your company


Ransomware Negotiation & Payment Customer service

Risk Cognizance number one focus is to help your business recover from the ransomware attacks, by reducing additional damage, and reducing the amount paid to the threat actors. We will coordinate, negotiate, and pay settlement to the threat actor with our ransomware payment services. Paying ransom in a ransomware attack is not as easy as wiring money from a bank, or filling a suitcase full of hundred-dollar bills. Ransomware attacks typically require ransom payments in cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. We can reduce the ransomware cost quickly with our ransomware negotiation. Our Ransomware Negotiator are available to resolve critical situations quickly and efficiently.

Why our ransomware NEGOTIATION services

Paying ransom in a ransomware attack isn’t recommended, but sometimes, it’s necessary. Risk Cognizance offers a full range of services: ransomware negotiation, ransomware payment and remediation services. We help business like your save money via ransomware negotiation and recover quickly your data, because we have over 2 years provides these services. We work with cyber insurance company and legal department providing ransomware negotiation and payment services.

Benefit of our ransomware negotiation services

Assisting clients in the ransom negotiation phase of ransomware incidents we push cyber criminal to reduce the cost. We have identified that cyber criminal will target any organizations, and they will take the largest ransom payment the organization is willing to pay. Threat actors does not want organization to engage us, because they know we will negotiate and reduce the cost.

  • Provides experts in ransomware negotiation and recovery

  • Our negotiation reduce the total loss, by stopping further damage, reducing the ransom, and assist to enable a speed recovery

  • Forensics on the decryption tool provided by the threat actor, to identify suspicious activities

  • We have a 99% successful rate for full decryption, and reduce the ransomware demand to less than 50% in most cases.

Ransomware First Responder Services

A ransomware first responder is a cyber security ransomware expert with specialized training, to handle security events, they provide assistance with your ransomware emergency, ransomware negotiation and other security incident. Risk Cognizance First Responders cyber security services, provides certified security professionals to respond and defend against cyber attacks by analyze threats, contain threats, and immediately start proactively defend networks.


We work with cyber insurance firm, provide the necessary document need to before making the payment during the ransomware recovery. Because of the sensitivity of the negotiations, we establish secure communication with the treat actor and a separate commutation channel with the client. We provide the client or the insurance company with an NDA, OFAC Report, and we perform a KYC for due diligence.

ransomware negotiation and Breach Communication

Risk Cognizance will handle the high stakes negotiation, negotiating with hackers who are demanding lager amount of funds after a ransomware attack. Our team handles countless communications with cyber criminals, and have experience assisting victimized organizations.

  • All communication with the client is covered by with attorney-client privilege

  • Before the ransomware negotiating, we request proof of life

  • We understand that ransomware negotiation is big deal to your business

  • We negotiation and collaborate you he client like any other business deal

  • We quick try to understand the ransomware attacker, then start the ransom negotiation

  • Our ransomware negotiation experts understand classic rules of hostage negotiation

We have the ransomware negotiating experts, don’t waste time and money with other amateur firms that don’t have the know how, trust the team States, and DOD contract trust.

Contact Risk Cognizance for ransomware recovery & ransomware payment services by using the incident response form to start your ransomware recovery case here or call toll free at 866-973-2677.