Ransomware Questionnaire

HOW DO I RESPOND TO RANSOMWARE? Implement your security incident response and business continuity plan. It may take time for your organization’s IT professionals to isolate and remove the ransomware threat to your systems and restore data and normal operations. In the meantime, you should take steps to maintain your organization’s essential functions according to your business continuity plan. Organizations should maintain and regularly test backup plans, disaster recovery plan

Take one of our Questionnaires on the left based on your business regulator body, if you just want to see your posture based on your current cyber security standards, please take the Ransomware Questionnaire below.

Ransomware Questionnaire


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When was the last time your firm conducted and documented an independent information security risk assessment?

Has your firm implemented a written information security plan that addresses all the gaps discovered from the assessment?

Has your firm implemented a comprehensive threat management program that includes alerting based on intrusions beyond malware or viruses?

Do you backup all critical information? Are the backups stored offline? Have we tested our ability to revert to backups during an incident

Do you have an information security awareness training program in place for your employees and contractors?

Do you allow only approved programs to run on our networks?

Do you have SIEM/Log manager implemented?

Do you have a data loss prevention (DLP)?

Do you have an incident response plan and have we exercised it?

How can Risk Cognizance assist you?

Ransomware Questionnaire, Ransomware Security Survey. We provide pre and post Incident Response Ransomware Services