Our higher education cybersecurity team understands the cybersecurity needs of colleges and universities and the need to comply with FERPA, GLBA, GDPR, and PCI DSS.

Cyber Security Services For Colleges and Universities

Risk Cognizance cyber security services for education providers help protect schools, colleges, and universities against cyber threats. Speak to our experts. Higher Education cyber security strategies are designed for colleges, universities, and research institutions. FERPA security requirements made easy.

Higher education institutions face a slew of complex security challenges, primarily due to the need to protect, support, and manage a massive volume of digital assets that are constantly vulnerable to attack. College and university IT and security teams are tasked with protecting intellectual property, sensitive personal information such as academic, health, and financial data, and a wide range of academic and research pursuits. They must also uphold higher education’s mission of welcoming and operating in an open learning environment for students, faculty, and the communities and regions they serve.

We created the Cybersecurity Education for Universities (CEU) program to help close the gap by providing free guidance, expertise, and support to college cybersecurity programs. We collaborate with schools, usually focusing on one or more of the following topics.

  • Faculty enablement and training – Through “Training the Trainers,” we ensure that educators have accurate, useful information that adheres to best practices as researched by our subject matter experts.
  • Curriculum alignment and course consultation entails ensuring that subjects remain relevant and accurate while addressing critical concepts in the rapidly changing world of technology and cybercrime.
  • Technical seminars and webinars – As requested by students and faculty, we offer technical seminars and webinars to keep their knowledge up to date with the latest discoveries made by our experts. We also provide speaking engagements led by Risk Cognizance’s cybersecurity experts.


Allow For Safe Remote Learning And Working.

  • Allows institutions to deliver modern, flexible, policy-driven remote access experiences at scale – for any user, application, device, or network.

Cloud-Based Security For Campus Workloads

  • Drives simplified and integrated security across cloud and SaaS workloads, assisting institutions in enabling the next generation of collaborative higher education.

Protect The Mission Against Emerging Threats

  • Correlates and contextualizes threat data across endpoint, network, and cloud sources, so threats are discovered and stopped much earlier in the threat lifecycle.

Facilitate Security Modernization

  • Combines context-driven risk analysis with easily scaled automation to assist institutions in detecting and responding to threats more quickly and effectively.

Threats to our schools are not only physical – they come through electronic means as well. We offer a cyber threat assessment to help you understand areas of improvement for your school.

Every school is different, and you know your school better than anyone else. Risk Cognizance is here to help you create a tailored plan specific to your school’s security needs, meeting district and state requirements. Contact our team about the school security services you require, and we’ll work with you on custom consulting solutions.

Let Risk Cognizance Consulting Help Your Educational Institution Move To A Secure State.


We cover Higher Education with the following security services:

  • Centralized cybersecurity program management
  • Shared policy development and implementation
  • Shared-services models for efficiencies across institutions
  • Multi-institution cybersecurity service delivery
  • Virtual ISO and cybersecurity management team
  • Scalable cyber security control implementation
  • Cyber security teams for each campus
  • Conducting a properly developed security assessment to best define potential gaps in security measures.
  • Creating an action plan to correctly prioritize security hardware and equipment based on available funding.
  • Auditing your Emergency Operations Plan to ensure remediation has taken place to close identified gaps in a timely fashion.
  • Creating school-specific awareness training programs and create a baseline contingency plan that has been properly prioritized by school officials, parents and the broader school community
  • Establishing a Business Continuity Plan for all campuses.
  • Establishing practical and tabletop drills for predictable execution.
  • Initiating specialized prevention and first-responder training for school resource officers (SROs) and school security personnel
  • Security assessment of your school, or any security consulting services, contact us now.

Compliance Monitoring And Reporting

Higher education institutions must adhere to a number of regulations and standards. To name a few, they must safeguard students’ personally identifiable information (PII), electronic health records, grading systems, payment card and bank account information, and research data. Furthermore, the Jeanne Clery Act requires them to provide students and staff with timely warning of crimes on campus. Audits occur frequently enough that shifting staff from strategic initiatives to compliance reporting is not a viable solution.