Fraud Detection Solutions and Fraud Prevention: Are you ready to get in front of fraud? Eliminate credit card fraud with the most advanced enterprise eCommerce fraud solution. Our fraud detection services are designed to identify wire fraud and fraud threat protecting your business and customers from unwanted fraudulent charges.

Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Solution

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Fraud detection is a topic applicable to many industries including banking and financial sectors, insurance, government agencies and eCommerce, and any organization that complete digital transaction. Risk Cognizance use of sophisticated data mining tools, millions of transactions can be searched to spot patterns and detect fraudulent transactions.

Fraud Detection & Analytics Solution

Fraud has now grown beyond the financial services industry. It is now affecting other industries, and even small business. Traditional fraud prevention measures focus on discrete data points such as specific accounts, individuals, devices or IP addresses. However, today’s sophisticated fraudsters escape detection by forming fraud rings comprised of stolen and synthetic identities. To uncover such fraud rings, it is essential to look beyond individual data points to the connections that link them.

Detecting And Stopping Fraud

Catch fraud rings and prevent their incursions by augmenting discrete data scrutiny with data relationship analysis. Whether automated or human-augmented, graph analysis makes your fraud analytics go further.

Real-Time Fraud Detection

By the time a relational database calculates the complex relationships within a fraud ring, the criminals have already struck and have likely disappeared. A graph database ensures that relationship-oriented queries are conducted in real time, so your anti-fraud team has a chance to strike first.

We Can Protect You Independent Of Platform

Whether payments are being made with a mobile payment method or online using a credit, debit or gift card, Fraud Detect can help put you one step ahead of fraudsters, enabling you to accept more good transactions, and see your fraud rates and costs go way down. Armed with machine data and machine learning, our fraud teams can search, detect and investigate data to quickly find anomalies reduce loss of money, reputation and organizational inefficiencies.

We engage with companies across many different channels. At the same time, criminals are rapidly adapting to fraud prevention tactics and seeking to exploit the weakest links. The methods by which thieves monetize stolen data are both varied and inventive. The constant evolution of services and technology require businesses to respond faster than ever before. Creating a customized fraud detection suite can be difficult.