Security Consulting Services & Security Risk Management

Risk Cognizance’s advisory cyber security consulting services provides clear cybersecurity strategy services

Cyber Security Operations Consulting (Risk Cognizance) provides a range of information security consulting services and a GRC Platform: Our security consultants provide governance framework, guidelines and procedures that will facilitate the development of required policies and supporting procedures.


Risk Cognizance’s security consulting services brings together award-winning managed security services and leading threat intelligence to help make it safer for your business to innovate.

We will define policies and procures right for you organization and corporate structure

  • Determine policies and procedures that may be missing

  • Partner with you employees to create or revise procedures to accurately reflect process

  • Review current policies and procedures to determine alignment with industry best practices

  • Create associated workflows

  • Fortify employee policy and procedure knowledge through training

  • Ensure key policies and procedure are in place and followed, such as:

    • Employee Code of Conduct

    • Information Security

    • Business Continuity

    • Loss and Fraud Control

    • Third party provider monitoring

    • Periodic Account Review

Security Consulting & Engineering Services


Virtual CISO Consulting Services Provides your firm with a board-level cyber security consultant, strategic leadership, security strategy & corporate cyber security consulting services.

Third Party Risk Management

Our third-party risk management and security assessment consulting services ensures the highest level of third-party risk management, service continuity, resource continuity, professionalism and proficiency possible. We help clients understand and implement tactical and strategic methods of managing and mitigating third-party risks.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Manage and align your GRC activities to business performance drivers, using frameworks such as NIST, PCI/DSS, ISO, GDPR, NYDFS, and others with our IT security consulting program. Ask your agent about our unified solutions such as our GRC platform and Data Compliance Automation & Data Orchestration Platform.

Security Awareness Education

Cyber security awareness and training program consulting services help protect your business from malicious actors and prevent possible breaches. Your employees are often the first line of defense against a cyber attack.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Effective security starts with a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities. Our Managed Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing & Social Engineering Assessments protect against cybersecurity threats.

Network Security Consulting 

Our network engineers are certified computer network security consultants, with years of experience providing IT security risk assessment services, cybersecurity risk management, securing applications, cloud environment, LAN, WLAN/WIFI and WAN network security consulting services.

Data Breach Incident Management

With the current environment, cybersecurity threats are rapidly evolving and cyber breaches are commonly reported. Speak to an expert from our data security, rapid detection and response team.

Compliance Program

Risk Cognizance is a full service Global Security Compliance Firm providing regulatory compliance program & compliance consulting services. Let us help you achieve compliance, we understand every organization is difference and work with our client to ensure we are implementing the right regulatory compliance consulting services and solutions.


We are focused on securing all critical applications that drive your business by implementing our managed security services and risk management program.

Security Assessments & Audits

Our experienced security consultants perform a comprehensive security audit, cybersecurity assessment, or network assessment to uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your on premise and cloud infrastructure.


More than 20% of businesses never recovered from a Disaster, because they were never prepared. Risk Cognizance will manage your business continuity program.

Incident Response Services

Rapid and thorough incident response is essential to minimizing the effects of an attack. Secure your data and assets as quickly as possible with our Managed Detect and Response (MDR) Services.

Our MDR threat hunting team provides advanced threat intelligence insights, threat hunting, security monitoring, and incident analysis services.

Managed IT Security Services

Managed 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) – managed security operations center gives you peace of mind with remote monitoring by identifying and blocking cyber risk, before they cost damage to your business.

Managed Detection And Response

Advanced managed security service that provides threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response.

Risk Cognizance Security Consulting Services is a full-service security consulting and design firm. We offer various degrees of specialized security consulting, including thorough risk analysis and detailed security planning.