Security Controls & Tools Assessments

CyberSecOP help organisations implement security standards, such as ISO 27001, or IT frameworks such as COBiT. The latest version is COBiT 5, is a framework for developing, implementing, monitoring and improving information technology (IT) governance and management practices – not just cyber security. Some organisations are not looking to update to a new framework version, and simply want to focus on security. They are seeking additional cyber security assurance even though audits or reviews have been satisfactory to date. They may want to examine best practices in cybersecurity. Consulting firms (such as ours) can suggest cyber security controls that are cost effective relative to the security benefits gained. Three examples are enforcing strong passwords (implemented through group security policy), controlling software execution (implemented by application whitelisting), and improving incidence response capabilities. These are only three examples from a longer list of best and leading practices.


Security Controls & Tools Assessments

Phase 1: Assessment and Analysis

Phase 2: Design and Modeling

Phase 3: Deployment

Phase 4: Management and Support