Security Monitoring          

Information Security Monitor and Analysis of Network Activity

Risk Cognizance effective network security monitoring  team collect, analyze, and correlate security data from across your cloud and on-premises environments to identify threats and intrusions. Alone, intrusion detection systems (IDS) are not enough. we fully monitor and protect your network, you need a unified view of, and a team that under stand security and what to look for. 

  • What’s connected to your infrastructure at all times
  • Vulnerable systems that could be exploited
  • Threats and activity with known malicious hosts
  • Security incidents with correlated event data
  • Regular threat intelligence updates
  • Aggregated events and logs from your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments

Network security not simply about building impenetrable walls  any more— determined attackers will eventually overcome traditional defenses. The most effective computer security strategies integrate network security monitoring: the collection and analysis of data to help you detect and respond to intrusions.

While there is no single list of practices that can cover all possible situations, we can still enumerate some best practices to implement and follow for any network infrastructure.