Security Program & Strategy Services

cyber security strategy | Developing an effective Program

Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly central facet of business security strategy. Risk Cognizance strategy cyber security professional, will work to understand your business needs and leverage your security program to increase operational efficiency, protect users and information, maximize return on technology investment and contain costs.

Security Strategy Program & Cyber Threat Assessment

Cyber Threat Assessment

The road to confidence, whether for compliance or security sake, can be a daunting project that requires considerable effort within an organization. The dynamic state of affairs when it comes to cyber security can leave enterprises unable to discern the difference between business-relevant threats and risks less critical in nature. Our process takes the mystery out of threat forecasting, and gives you the information you need to make data-driven business decisions.

Security Strategy Program

  • Enhance your security program 

  • Develop security strategies that better align with your business goals

  • Assess your existing program and develop a roadmap to better achieve your security goals

  • Lead your security initiative and ensure consistent execution of your security strategy 

  • Help you protect your enterprise’s assets and people

Once we have an understanding we put an effective cyber security strategy to work across your organisation’s, by implementing a security program. the program includes vulnerability testing to boost overall cyber security.

Capabilities for our Cyber Security Strategy

We provide a wide range of capabilities, from security strategy development, to compliance readiness consulting, to environment design and oversight, we can help you elevate your security stance, regardless of your current position.

  • Address gaps, manage risk and allocate resources to better protect your organization

  • Bring creativity, experience and discipline to your security program

  • Develop and align security strategies to support your business goals

  • Assess your current program and develop a roadmap to mature your security initiatives

  • Support leading security practices and consistent execution of your security strategy

  • Help you protect what matters to your organization


Security Program

Security program advisory strategy represents the overall direction for security in your organization.

Network Security

Managed enterprise security tools giving your business the CSO advantage. speak with a network security consulting adviser.

Application Security

We focused on securing all critical applications that drive your business. by implement our managed security service program

Security Assessments & Audits

Comprehensive security audit to uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your organization

Business Continuity Management

More than 20% of businesses never recovered from a Disaster, because they were never prepared. no security program was in place.

Incident Response

Rapid and thorough incident response is essential to minimizing threats. security your assets as quickly as possible

IT Security Operations

24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) – managed security identify cyber risk before they cost damage to your organization.

Virtual VISO/vCISO

VCISO Advisory: you retain a board-level cyber security consultant, providing strategic leadership, security strategy & corporate security consulting for your business.

Third Party Risk Management

Comprehensive vendor/third party security assessment and advisory services

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Aligning your GRC activities to business performance drivers, using frameworks such has NIST, PCI/DSS, ISO, GDPR, NYDFS, and others. speak with one of our security advisers.

Security Awareness Education

Reveal your organization employees strength and weakness, and empower them against cyber criminals.

Penetration Testing & Phishing

Effective security starts with a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities

Dark Web Monitoring

We monitor dark web to provide intelligent breach alerts around cyber security threats

Data Breach Incident Management

Cyber Security threats are rapidly going, and cyber beaches are commonly reported. speak to an expert from out rapid detect and response team.

Regulatory security Strategy Program

Regulators are certainly not the first line of defense, but the leadership and vision they articulate in a strategy are essential first steps to safeguarding the business sector from cybersecurity threats, Cyber security is a strategic enterprise risk that goes far beyond information technology. A strong cyber security strategy should align to the business vision, objectives and innovation projects. If implemented effectively, it can enhance product integrity, customer experience, operations, regulatory compliance, brand reputation, investor confidence and more, leading to a return on your cyber investments.

Cyber Threat Detection & Cybersecurity Strategy Services

Risk Cognizance Security Program Strategy: cyber security strategy, we provide the knowledge, tools and managed security services you need to create a program closely aligned to business goals and to advance the maturity of your security programs. Adding our expertise in security, technology and process to your business acumen will better equip your organization to run a business-aligned and threat-aware security program. With a wide range of capabilities for developing cyber security strategy, we can help you: Identify and protect what matters most to your organization. Address security gaps, develop risk management strategies and allocate resources more effectively to improve security for your organization.