Cyber Risk Service & Risk Advisory Services

Cybersecurity & Risk services establish tactical & strategic plans

Risk Cognizance’s Cyber Risk Service & Cyber Risk Advisory Services set and achieve the highest performance standards among security consulting firms. Cyber Risk Services provides a variety of innovative & comprehensive cybersecurity services to evaluating your IT risk assessment identifying and prioritizing cyber risks allowing your organization to align objectives and budgets.


Cyber Risk Management Services

Evaluate your existing cyber risk management program for security strengths, weaknesses, and gaps. Identify the cyber risks that are relevant to your specific organization and in turn understand the potential harm they pose against your business.

Cyber Risk Management Operations Service

cyber threat landscape is evolving daily. To stay in front of it, you need comprehensive, timely advice and solutions to your organization’s unique challenges. Identify and manage relevant cyber risks to enable effective, risk-based decision making. Realize and mitigate inherited cyber risks associated with business transactions, relationships, and systems out of direct control. Discover unidentified business and security risks through effective, dynamic system analysis.

Cyber Risk Monitoring

Defining cyber risks for clients and developing an effective strategy for the prevention of cyber attacks. Our Cyber Risk Monitoring helps you get the data you need to identify security gaps, enhance the visibility of risks and evaluate where you need to focus.

Enterprise Package

  • Security Program Development

  • Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessments

  • Compliance Program Assessments

  • 3rd Party-Risk Management

  • Subscription-Based Penetration Testing

Audit Support Package

  • Security Program Assessment

  • Compliance Program Assessment

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • 3rd Party-Risk Management

  • Best Practices Review

  • Threat Hunting Assessment

Risk Cognizance is a Top Security Consulting Firm

Our firm attracts and retains some of the brightest, most experienced and most highly regarded professionals working today. As experienced security specialists, CyberSecOP provides trusted advice to global firms on security risks that make their organization less vulnerable. Risk Cognizance risk management as a service (RMaaS) package allows your organization to choose the services that fit your organization’s needs, or choose between the Enterprise and Audit Support Packages, to ensure that your risk is being managed.