Managed Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

The Risk Cognizance managed detection and response team understands that cybersecurity is much more than simply keeping dangerous software off of the network; it’s also about protecting sensitive data on the network and providing user training. Many data breaches begin with ordinary internal employee behavior; this is one area where our managed detection and response team can discover threats before they cause damage to your systems.

Threat detection and response

Most firms rely on antiquated intelligence feeds based on signatures, which give them a false sense of security. These programs are unable to predict attacks or provide guidance on how to respond. They frequently merely increase the number of false positives in the security environment, wasting security analysts’ time, increasing the complexity of the security environment, and making attacks impossible to handle.

When applied effectively, cyberthreat data can assist defenders in detecting attacks during and, ideally, before they become a potentially severe threat.

Cyber Intelligence for Businesses

Botnets, attack sources, malware, and trends are among the technical cyber feeds available. Observation and monitoring of underground hacking groups/chat rooms. Monitoring information on the Dark/Deep Web. Monitoring of social media activity related to the client’s interests.


Threat intelligence that is seamlessly integrated into your solutions, without the need for you to become a security expert.


Integrate accurate, cloud-based threat intelligence that is up to date with the latest threats.


Solutions distinguish themselves by incorporating additional security features and adhering to regulatory compliance standards.

Realtime Cyber threat intelligence

Using threat intelligence to detect cyber attacks before they occur. We can see the relationships between malware, domains, and networks all over the internet.

Risk Cognizance’s real-time cyber threat intelligence indicator feeds are simple to implement and free to US State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial entities (SLTTs). The feeds are simple to import into most modern security and analysis tools thanks to industry-standard formatting. The service assists in automating defensive actions, correlating events, conducting analysis, and making better, faster, and more impactful decisions.

We assist our clients in anticipating the next threat before it occurs, rather than waiting to be identified after they have already become a victim.

Response to an Incident

As soon as possible, analyze and detect threats. Examine the dark web in order to improve the incident response life cycle.

Identification of a Threat

Make the right decision, at the right time, in the right place, to take the right action using agile threat intelligence.

Breach of Data

Create personalized automated alerts for leaked organizational data, such as OCR extracted text from images used to identify logos and designs.

Management of Vulnerabilities

Discover which vulnerabilities will be exploited, as well as insights into emerging threats, trends, and context on actors and their intentions.

Ransomware Defense

To combat ransomware, malicious malware, and vulnerability exploits, get real-time alerts and critical context.

Credentials in jeopardy

Keep up to date with automatic notifications in the event that employee credentials are leaked.

Stopping the attacker now and in the future is what cyber resilience is all about. Based on data collected from scanning and monitoring company systems and partners. Risk Cognizance cyber security provides our clients with the critical data and analytics they require to properly strategize and realign their security efforts.