Business IT Security Services

Our IT consultants work closely with you to align strategic IT objectives with your business goals. Our experts are skilled in discovery and assessment for a variety of IT disciplines, building roadmaps and providing practical recommendations regarding your IT initiative.

Business IT Security Services & Risk Management

Complete Business IT Support & Services For Your Business

Risk Cognizance’s expert IT Security Consultancy will identified gaps and developed a tiered set of in-house security standards emphasizing standardization principles across your organization, the adaptation of existing physical controls, as well as security management enhancements. Working closely with the client, we set out the steps necessary to achieve a comprehensive security program, including identifying the necessary financial investment.

Enhance your organization’s infrastructure with our industry-leading business IT support services. Whether you have an immediate short-term technical project or are looking for a long-term trusted IT partner, Risk Cognizance is here for you. We’ve been helping organizations like yours leverage technology for their benefit.

Features Of Our IT Security Consultancy Service Include :

IT Management, Cloud Consulting and Security.

Business IT Services: Comprehensive IT management and help desk services for businesses. See how Risk Cognizance provides a unique approach towards Managed IT for your business.

Managed IT

Provide IT management and support for small business infrastructures, applications and end users.

  • Server and network monitoring and maintenance
  • Desktop management and employee support
  • Endpoint security
  • IT Support and help desk

Incident Response

We review commodity threats (those not worth the agony of a wipe and reload) and provide recommendations for dealing with complex cyber threats.

Security and Compliance

Build a security framework for your business. Our security team works with you to address your security concerns, compliance and improve your overall security posture. IT services effectively in the modern landscape.

Managed Threat Hunting

We review and report the data collected by Risk Cognizance, helping you identify any cyber threats or issues that escaped immediate categorization

Malware Analysis

We review any suspicious malware samples flagged and forwarded to our SOC, and provide determination of the status to your security team.

Business IT Services

Technology services and solutions designed to bring reliability and peace of mind to small and medium sized businesses. Our Managed IT solution is suitable for organization with no internal technology teams or for organizations who looking to extend their technology team. We audit your processes and implement security best practices at all vulnerable points. We educate employees and hold them accountable for following policies and procedures.


Our Managed Detection and Response services (available to partners and customers subscribed to our Command-level subscription) supplement and support your in-house security team with CyberSecOP specific product knowledge, malware analysis capabilities, lightweight incident response, and more.

Risk Cognizance's Managed Detection And Response Services Include :

  • On-demand access to our team of experienced threat hunters and malware analysts
  • Assistance with analyzing and understanding Risk Cognizance HUNT data and results
  • Triage and incident scoping to determine past attacker activity
  • First-hour Incident Response, containment, and remediation (when possible)
  • Post-incident recommendations and prevention of future attacks

Additional MDR services are available via our global partner network. Please contact us to learn more about managed detection and response services.