Data Security Consulting  

Protect data against cyber threats with our data & cyber security services

 Data Security Consulting provides expertise in helping you identify, protect, and safeguard your sensitive information. Information mishandling and data loss is often times due to broken business processes, unaware employees, and corporations replying on security tools rather than leveraging a robust security program. True data leakage prevention programs provide demonstrable value to the business.  Our data protection consulting service focuses on protecting the data that is most important to your organization. We’ll help you to reduce exposure to a level your business is comfortable with a level that keeps the regulator happy but puts your business first.

Our approach combines our deep technical and business consulting experience to create top down and bottom-up data loss programs, ensuring data security.  


Our data privacy team has expertise with privacy policy, processes and technology and can design, build, run, monitor, and enhance our clients’ data privacy risk management capabilities, delivering custom solutions no matter the company’s data environment or risk profile. From small engagements around specific regulations to ongoing managed services, we help each organization better define, implement and operational data privacy programs. Our services include:

Risk Cognizance Data Security Differences

Our qualified experts understand the impact insufficient data security programs can have on your organization. We will bring years of experience protecting high security environments to your organization.

Risk Cognizance’s data security consulting services is the ideal solution for clients with compliance or regulatory requirements, including financial institutions, retailers, hospitals, municipalities, manufacturers, transportation, public safety, utilities, oil and gas companies and communication service providers. Risk Cognizance’s data security consulting services include the following activities:

Data compliance requirements analysis and data flow review: An analysis of the enterprise’s technical environment is conducted, focusing on data as it is created, stored, manipulated and archived, as well as how it flows through and out of the organization. A technical design and project plan based on confirmed business drivers, engagement logistics, project activities and resources is developed.

Data interpretation and analysis: After the scan is executed and findings are prioritized, results are analyzed and interpreted to determine the sensitivity of various data as well as how it made its way to each location.

Findings documentation: Risk Cognizance creates thorough documentation for every client. This includes an executive summary, scan results with interpretation and analysis, security recommendations and a remediation road map.

Privacy Program Development: Compliance gap assessments across global privacy and security regulations, Implementing a data security program strategy, design, development, and implementation.

What is a data security program

A security program is a documented set of your company’s information security policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards.Having a security program will help you ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your client and customer information, as well as your organization’s essential data. Failure to have comprehensive security measures to protect customer information and data assets can have a devastating impact on your business. Don’t take chances – let our experts help! Risk Cognizance has a variety of services that you can leverage to meet your data and cyber security needs.