Data Breach Expert & Digital Forensics

Are your currently experiencing a data breach? data breach experts will verify if an attack occurred, identify the attacker’s path of entry, eliminate the threat, and determine the overall severity of the breach. And once your network is secured and the scope of your attack defined, Risk Cognizance will perform a precise analysis to understand which data is at risk and how to prevent further intrusions.

Risk Cognizance understands that whether or not your organization is prepared, security breaches have become common occurrences. We advice our client to implementing a security program and provide them with an Data Breach Incident Management team.

Security measures occasionally fail to prevent an incident. Cyber Security Operations has experts in incident response, data breach Incident Management, forensics and electronic discovery who can support or supplement your team when suspected unauthorized, illegal or malicious activities are detected or you are ready to develop a comprehensive plan so you are prepared in the event of a breach.

Risk Cognizance Consulting Data Breach Experts & Incident Response team is available to assist when suspected unauthorized, illegal, or malicious activities are detected. Our skilled specialists are available to respond to incidents across multiple locations. Risk Cognizance Consulting has worked with Fortune 500 companies on credit card breaches, malware outbreaks and internal investigations for many years. Risk Cognizance data dreach experts & incident response team are available to support companies responding to various types of incidents including but not limited to: insider threats, external hackers, malware outbreaks, employee policy violations, and electronic discovery in response to lawsuits.


Security Data Breach Services

CyberSecOP incident response teams are available with minimal notice, supporting your organization in its technical, legal, social and HR response to a security data breach event. We work with your existing breach response plans or utilize our dynamic breach response methodology to identify, contain, remove and recover during a security incident. Our team members have experience in cyber breach incidents that include politically motivated attacks, device theft origination, data extortion, rogue employees, and mail misdirection with the intent to deceive.