Google Cloud Security Consulting

Managed Google Cloud Security Solutions

Our Managed Google Cloud Security Solutions provides integrated monitoring with the rest of your security landscape, we provide an unparalleled coverage of cloud traffic, including on-and-off network, programmatic and user-driven, by managed and unmanaged users and devices, and retroactively and in real-time. Security in Google Cloud is a shared responsibility. Google is responsible for the security of the cloud, meaning they provide the physical security, instance isolation, and other foundational security capabilities.

Google Cloud Security Services with Risk Cognizance

Risk Cognizance delivers security solution to support your Google Cloud security and Google Cloud compliance needs. depending on you need this could be a single or multiple solutions, you get the following when you enroll into our Cloud Security Program: security team, analytics and managed security services needed to assess your vulnerabilities, streamline compliance, and receive accurate, timely and useful incident notifications on active threats including multi-stage web application attacks.

 Google Cloud Computing

Using automated tool sets we’ll analyse your existing Google Cloud infrastructure to ensure it is free from vulnerabilities.  If not, we’ll help you fix any issues

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular among enterprises looking to take advantage of the quick deployment, unprecedented scalability, and cost savings. Private cloud infrastructure, including virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN), are rapidly transforming data centers worldwide. At the same time, organizations are rapidly embracing public clouds, both migrating workloads to infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clouds like Google Cloud, AWS and Azure, and adopting software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. This results in a hybrid cloud and increasingly multi-cloud environment that is truly borderless for your enterprise users, data, and applications.

Google Cloud Compliance

Our security and compliance experts have full stack security experience and can help you build a secure Google Cloud foundation as well as aid you in deploying and running sensitive systems in the cloud. It doesn’t matter whether you are working to achieve compliance or have a simple web application hosting critical data. We can help

CyberSecOP Cloud Security Consulting Services

At Risk Cognizance Security Consulting Firm we protect your Google Cloud data, we believe transparency creates trust. When you entrust your firm security to us, we give you visibility, insight and tools to help keep you in control and protect your business. Make right cloud security decisions and fix vulnerabilities with CyberSecOP Cloud Security Serevices, On of the most advanced cloud security solution powered by AI. Providing peace of mind, guaranteed! Cloud Confidence. Cloud Control. Cloud Convenience. Cloud Compliance.