Risk Cognizance’s IT Security Incident Response Services and Incident Remediation Services: We Respond, Detect, Investigate, while proving business with access to an experience organized incident response team. Our Incident response services are designed to assist companies who suffers a breach with remediation efforts and to prevent security incidents in the future.

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Incident Response Services

Overview: Ransomware Response Ransomware Negotiation RepsonseCyber Response

Risk Cognizance provides cyber security incident response services, our expert specializes in cyber security incident response, investigation, ransomware negotiation and data recovery. As a leading Incident response and threat intelligence services we respond to all type of security incident daily, our focus is to minimize the duration, impact and cost of a security breach using incident response handling best practices and our threat intelligence services.

Risk Cognizance cyber incident response and remediation services identify intrusions and eliminate security breaches. With Risk Cognizance® Incident Response (IR) services, you gain experts who managed thousands of successful cyber response.

Trust the the team trusted by insurance company to assist their client with breach response and remediation services. Defense contractors who compliance with DFARS, and must report cyber incidents report looks to us to provided assurance. Our incident response team assist with managed cyber security risk, remediation, and compliance efforts. Cyber Security Operations Consulting has experts in incident response, data breach Incident management, forensics, and electronic discovery services.

Cyber Incident Response Retainer Services

Risk Cognizance’s Incident Response helps mitigate future risks with post-incident reports and security best practices standards, providing industry-leading solutions and protecting customers from cyberattacks with an unmatched catch rate of malware and other types of threats.

  • Reduce your cyber exposures and mitigate potential losses with Risk Cognizance’s Post-Breach cyber security services.

  • Get service level agreement (SLA) details for remote and onsite consulting. 1 or 4 hour SLAs are available.

  • Rapidly response and reporting cyber incidents and cybersecurity threats faced defense contractors.

Expert Incident Response Consulting

Risk Cognizance’s Incident Response is a proven 24x7x365 security incident handling service. Our Emergency Incident Response (IR) Team can respond immediately to help you through your crisis, providing the expertise and tools to determine what happened and how to fix it.

Emergency Incident Response

Our Incident Response (IR) Service is a comprehensive offering combining an IR readiness assessment and pre-paid emergency IR hours to help prepare you for a cyberattack and get immediate expert assistance when one occurs.

Ransomware Incident Response

Our team provide ransomware incident response services such as ransomware recovery, breach review, ransomware, security incidents, ransomware negotiation and payment services.

Ransomware Payment Response

Risk Cognizance Ransomware Payment Services broker payment and negotiate with the ransom threat actors

Managed Detection & Response

Our Monitoring Detection & Response (MDR) service goes beyond standard MSP to offer 24×7 advanced threat detection and response. Our MDR service also offer threat hunting services and responds to threats once they are discovered.

Proactive Incident Response Program Development

Create a custom incident response plan for your organization. Contract for incident response and forensic services before you need them and lock in a discounted rate.

Incident Management Retainer

Enjoy rapid access to top-tier security analysts from the incident response team who will help reduce the dwell time of attackers and mitigate the impact of an incident by leveraging the LocPar Platform and third-party solutions being used by the customer

Targeted Threat Hunting Assessment

Threat Hunting Assessment validates security controls and reduces dwell time of an adversary in your environment.

Digital Forensics Response Team

Risk Cognizance’s Forensic Investigative Services offers experts to ensure that no digital evidence is overlooked at any stage.

Incident Response and Data Forensics Service

  • Threat Management: Our seasoned reverse-malware engineers, investigators and incident responders help you prevent attacks, uncover hidden indicators of compromise, reduce your attack surface and respond to incidents if should they s occur. Incident Response and Containment Services provides immediate containment and expert remediation to prevent security events from escalating.

  • Incident response preparation — reviewing the organization’s network, IT systems and existing security tools, gaining access to data, and establishing quick procedures for investigating and triaging incidents.

  • Incident response planning — defining a plan, together with the organization’s IT or security teams, for jointly responding to common types of security incidents.

  • Incident triage and classification — having a security analyst on call at the service provider to receive details of the incident, triage it, and help determine if it is a real security incident and its severity.

  • Initial response — response will typically follow a framework like the SANS incident response process: after the incident has been identified, the service provider will perform containment, eradication of the threat, recovery of affected systems, and lessons learned.

  • Tabletop exercise — discussion-based and provides an incident scenario that has been tailored to your unique environment and operational needs. The Services team facilitates a discussion with your response team that includes the actions that are required, who is responsible for them, who needs to be notified and how to coordinate these multiple moving parts.

  • SLA—the agreement will provide an agreed level of access to the service provider’s incident responders. Most services are offered 24/7, with a specified time period, ranging from minutes to several hours, allowed to transpire until the incident response process begins.


Our Cybersecurity Incident Response team helps you limit the dwell time of an attacker through immediate response. Get Reactive emergency response and proactive incident readiness services. Proactive Planning & Strategy —a customer-focused approach to ensure organizational readiness. Incident Response (IR) retainers—several options for as-needed consulting services hours; any unused hours may be applied to other IR readiness services as well as other cybersecurity consulting services, such as penetration testing.