Internal Audit Services & Internal Audit Team

Risk Cognizance Internal Audit and Management Services perform a full security audit to uncover weaknesses and security gaps throughout your organization. Our Internal audits are conducted in accordance with International and Industry Standards. Our Internal Audit Consulting services provide advisory and other service activities include counsel, advice, facilitation, process design and training. The objective our consulting services is to add value in the development or modification of processes, procedures, and controls to minimize risk and achieve organizational security and data privacy objectives. The nature and scope of each Internal Audit consulting services are agreed upon with our client management team.


Our security audits can also play an important role in internal investigations when anomalies are discovered or wrongdoing is suspected. You can use our findings for not any potential litigation/legal proceedings, but also to strengthen your internal controls to mitigate future problems.

Cyber security audits

  • Cyber security audit, penetration testing

  • Website security testing, web application security

  • Mobile application security audit

  • Security Advisory

  • Internal audit outsourcing

  • Internal audit co-sourcing

  • Internal audit partnering

  • Quality assurance review

  • Process and internal controls advisory

  • Audit committee advisory

IT audit & Network Security audit

Compliance audits

  • Meet regulatory requirements

  • Risk assessments

  • Social engineering

  • Continuous auditing and continuous monitoring Data analytics

Assurance and Security Audit Services

Network Security Audit Company
Certified security audit
Cyber security audit
Network security audit
Penetration test and penetration testing
Risk assessment
Security testing
Social engineering security assessment

Consulting Services Company
Custom consulting service
Cyber security consulting
Network security consulting
Network audit
Network assessment

IT Security Audit Company        
Data security audit
IT internal audit
Security internal audit
Mobile software application security audit
Network security assessment
Security assurance
Web application security audit
Website security audit
Website security testing
 Compliance Audit Company
Information assurance
Privacy audit
Security compliance

Our internal audit services deliver risk-based & objective assurance & advice as an Internal Auditing Outsource or Co-Source provider. Organizations are increasingly relying on Internal Audit (IA) to provide them with insights into diverse and emerging risks and create the foundation for trust. Risk Cognizance internal audit specialists provide a full range of solutions to support your goals and objectives.