Ransomware Payment & Ransomware Data Recovery

Ransomware Data Recovery | Decrypt Ransomware

Our ransomware data recovery experts routinely work on highly complex projects to recover data from mission-critical enterprise servers. Every single data recovery case gets our special attention because we understand that your business top priority is to get your systems back online. We know that you can’t afford to lose your customers and business data. Emergency Response Team (ERT) and Breach Incident Response services call us at 212-459-0802.

Our ransomware online payments are faster and more secured, The whole process – from submitting to paying the threat actor online to updating your bank account, can take a matter of seconds. The end result is a faster recovery process, and almost immediate confirmation of transactions. The sooner we can pay the threat actor, the soon we can start the remediation process.

Ransomware Payments & Bitcoin Ransom Payment Services

Ransomware Payments Automated payments also save you the trouble of depositing the cash into ATM and recording the payment manually. Once you set up online payments with us, we complete the transaction and update you every step of the way. Once the ransom payment has been completed, we maintain secure communication with ransomware threat actor to ensure the recovery process complete successfully.

Ransom Payment Negotiation Services

We will negotiate the ransom payment with the threat actor, we have a 100% success rate of getting ransom demand payment reduce by 50% or less. Once we are able to negotiate down the ransom we will start the ransomware bitcoin/cryptocurrency payment process. We cannot guarantee that the threat actor will act after payment, or the tools provided will work, however we have had a 100% success rate getting the decryption tool. we can only guarantee Bitcoin ransomware payment (s) to the account provided by the threat actor, and the remediation support. Contact Risk Cognizance for ransomware recovery & ransomware payment services by using the incident response form to start your ransomware recovery case here or call toll free at 866-973-2677.

Ransomware Payment, Incident Response and Remediation

Our ransomware payments services can be classified has one of the following: Ransom payment gateway services, Ransomware payment processor, Ransom payment provider, Ransomware payment service or payment system. we provide a full payment solution for handling ransomware and ransom payment. we have a full incident response team to guide you throughout the entire remediation process.

Ransomware Incident, Bitcoin Ransom Payment Service and Removal

  • We’ll diagnose and remediate the Ransomware Incident within a few hours, in most cases. We understand how important this is to your business.

  • Our cyber experts are brilliant at restoring your files, dealing with it yourself may can cause you to lose your files permanently.

  • Pay the Ransom – Paying criminals, a ransom doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your data back. If for some reason we can’t recover you data, and has to pay the ransom, we will negotiate with the hacker to reduce ransom.

  • Ransomware Incident Digital Forensics – No matter what kind of data you need to work with, the experts at Risk Cognizance Data Forensics will help you recover, reconstruct, and review the data. When you need data examined by court-tested forensic experts, you need CyberSecOP Forensics.

  • Ransomware Incident E-Discovery – We bridge the communication gap between the IT department and attorneys, pre-, during and post-trial, with your goals as our driving force. If you have a matter that requires technical expertise with a get-it-done attitude, call us right now.

  • Cybersecurity – Whether hackers have just broken into your network, or you’ve just discovered that a trusted employee has been stealing company data, the firm you decide to remediate the situation is critical.

  • Expert Testimony – We have testified as computer forensics experts in Federal, State, and County Courts. Our work and reporting have been upheld by the courts as admissible and valid. If your case sees its day in court, our computer forensic findings are ready to stand up to intense technical scrutiny and the most grueling cross-examinations.

Ransomware Payment and Settlement Services

Need to pay the ransom? no need to configure cryptocurrency wallets or transaction with the cyber criminals. we have you covered with our secure payment process, we will change you no fee, or commission to handle the ransom payment transaction, you will only pay for the incident management.

Our Breach team have experience with GandCrab, GoldenEye, Petya, CryptoLocker, Jigsaw, Troldesh, Ryuk, Bad Rabbit, Dharma, and others.