SOC-as-a-platform (SOCaaP) Case Study

Cyber Security Operations Consulting (Risk Cognizance) is an award-winning independent information security and compliance services provider.

Risk Cognizance works with global customers across industries ranging from financial services, health care and higher education to aerospace, defense and government contractors. Risk Cognizance was founded by leading experts in cybersecurity and managed information technology (IT) services. The firm takes a holistic approach to devising innovative strategies and solutions, believing integrated security frameworks provide stronger and more cohesive protection, and that all businesses need enterprise-grade information security programs.

Risk Cognizance offers managed security services, including staffing, consulting, security operations support and incident response, as well as breach management and board level strategic leadership consulting through its virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) program. The company’s vision is to empower its customers to focus on their core business competencies by proving best-of-breed IT and secure business process outsourcing.


Strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers and vendors in the cybersecurity and IT infrastructure space are what enable Risk Cognizance to accomplish its core mission.

“We focus on the customer experience, delivering what our customers want, when they want it,” says Jeffrey Walker, Chief Information Security Officer of Risk Cognizance. “That is our commitment and we take it seriously.”

In the face of growing demand from customers, Risk Cognizance needed to expand its security operations. They sought new security operations center (SOC) support in order to expand their managed detection and response (MDR) offering to help customers meet compliance requirements, protect their endpoints and networks and fully resolve incidents at speed. Risk Cognizance was looking for a cost-effective, fully-managed solution that would support the rapid growth of its services portfolio. This would replace an offering from a major national enterprise provider.


 Risk Cognizance partnered with Comodo to take advantage of its unique next-generation SOC-as-a-platform (SOCaaP) offering.

The platform is fully integrated with Comodo’s patented auto-containment technology, enabling customers to enjoy benefits from the world’s only active breach protection solution which renders ransomware, malware and other types of cyberattacks useless.

It also provides all the SOC capabilities an expanding managed security service provider (MSSP) needs, such as integrating the people, processes and technology essential for threat detection, analysis and active incident response in real time 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Comodo has the only truly comprehensive SOCaaP offering that’s currently available. Relying on this platform-based approach will save MSSP partners time and money, with zero initial capital outlay. It would also give Risk Cognizance a competitive advantage in its market.

“Occasionally, we have a partnership that our firm can’t survive without,” says Walker. “We are confident that this is the relationship that we’re building with Comodo.”

Risk Cognizance will also benefit from Comodo’s strong focus on partner relationships.
“Our partners and the channel are in our DNA. Comodo is a partner-centric company and our goal is to make sure our MSSP partners and their clients are secure and happy,” says Alan Knepfer, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Comodo. “Our partners expect the best from us, and this allows us both to take our high standards to the next level.”


  • Response times have been reduced.

  • Attacker dwell times have shrunk from minutes to mere seconds.

  • Time to resolution is quicker.

  • Zero false positives while running in a customer environment, or full-eliminated false positives.


Risk Cognizance chose Comodo because the company offers services and solutions that simply aren’t available anywhere else. With Comodo’s new SOCaaP up and running in customer environments, Risk Cognizance is able to respond to incidents more quickly and achieve full resolution in a fraction of the time, greatly reducing attackers’ possible dwell times and customers’ risk of a breach.

What’s more, their team is seeing zero false-positive alerts, saving time and labor, which allows them to stay focused on the highest value activities. It’s a truly innovative solution that will keep Risk Cognizance and its customers secure and satisfied for the long term.