Our Technology Security Consulting team will work with you providing information technology security consulting services and IT solutions. We assess and removing security risks from your business.

Technology Security Consulting

Technology companies are entrusted with all types of data: business, student, parent, employee, donor, card data, and more. Most records in electronic data systems and web-based applications which are accessible to the internet, they are more vulnerable to breaches. And schools are not only at risk from outside threats, but also internal users who are unaware of proper security best practices.

Phishing attack is one of the most used attack against technology companies, without proper education on how to deal with these type of attacks, may lead to breach of your entire organization, and leak of confidential data to the dark web, most technology companies have been breach whether they know it are not.

Risk Cognizance technical consulting testing team can integrate tailored tests for security threats within your continuous delivery life cycle. Either we provide test cases for your own automated functional testing tool or we provide a script that you can call post-build.


We cover technology companies  with the following security services: 

  • Centralized cybersecurity program management

  • Shared policy development and implementation

  • Shared-services models for efficiencies across institutions

  • Multi-institution cybersecurity service delivery

  • Virtual ISO and cybersecurity team management

  • Scalable cyber security control implementation

  • Cyber security teams for each campus


Benefit of Risk Cognizance Technical Consulting Services

We offer a range of technical security assessment and penetration testing services to identify all areas of vulnerability and help you to mitigate the threat of unauthorised access.

Our tests are performed by experienced penetration testing specialists who have a wealth of knowledge in diverse IT disciplines including policy, design, implementation and development. Having one of the largest penetration testing team in the world allows us to take on projects of all sizes, often at short notice, and with challenging delivery timescales.