Securing Utility and Energy Services

Energy and Utility organizations provide services that power our lives, by security and protecting the Energy and Utilities organization, we also inadvertently enhance our services to our clients, because an attack on the Energy and Utilities systems means an attack on all industries, because we all rely on the Energy and Utilities system to power our businesses. 

Cyber security is a serious challenge for the energy sector, impacting national security, public safety and the nation’s economy. As attacks grow in sophistication and IT infrastructure becomes more complex, security teams are under more pressure than ever. Protecting the utilities that power our lives has never been more important. 

Risk Cognizance work with Energy and Utility organizations to implement SCADA compliance and security solutions. While also implementing a full security program based on NIST with includes, vulnerability testing, penetration testing, and security solutions such as MDR, SEIM, DLP, and DDoS mitigation strategy.  

 Cybersecurity Services for Utility companies

 As the energy sector transition to cloud and increases digitization, with inadequate staffing and outdated security controls, they lean on us to provide 24/7 cyber security services to assess risk and ensure compliance with the following.  

  • NERC CIP Compliance Services

  • EMS, SCADA security solutions and other Control System Security Assessments

  • Vulnerability and Penetration Assessments

  • Application Security Services

  • Smart Grid Security Services

  • Device Security Evaluations

  • Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Services

  • Protocol Analysis

Cybersecurity Solutions for utility companies

Cybersecurity solutions for utility companies, to environment security, operational technology cybersecurity, telecommunications, natural gas, electric, water.

Cyber Security Implementation Services

Implement holistic cyber security with Risk Cognizance providing solutions to identify, detect, prevent and protect. We can integrate with legacy systems or provide turn key cyber security solutions.

Cyber security Service and Solutions

Cyber security in the utilities and energy sector cannot be an afterthought. It must be prioritized and ruthlessly tested, and confirmed.

If a cyber attack allows a manufacturing component to overheat, it could be an expensive and time-consuming problem. If an attack impacts the power grid, it could put lives at stake.

  • Enterprise-level Security services

  • Security Implementation Support

  • Implementation of IAM and PAM solutions

  • 24/7 Monitoring of network to prevent cyber attacks

Third Party Security Patch Management

Simplify your security with our experts taking on the often time-consuming task of testing security patches against the software. Prevent and protect with Risk Cognizance