Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO) 


Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO) service is necessary with so many headlines proclaiming security breaches these days, you undoubtedly have a heightened awareness of the need to protect your company by protecting your data. Our information security consulting practice is one of the few that can deliver all the components of a comprehensive information security system.

Virual ISO (vISO) Information Security Strategy & Design to give you a better security posture.

CISO Advisory Services

Executive vCISO services for your organization, IT and Security team Management, and report and advising board of directors on all forms of Cyber Risk and plans to address them.

Board of Directors Level CISO Advisor

  • Ongoing Governance Risk & Compliance Management

  • Ongoing Risk management

  • Ongoing Compliance Management

  • Ongoing Vendor Management Program

  • Ongoing Managing and directing IT and the security teams

  • Ongoing Engaging with executive management

  • Ongoing Running risk assessments on operational security

  • Ongoing threat intelligence and manage enterprise security

  • Criss Management

Benefit of subscribing to Risk Cognizance VISO Consulting Services

  • You get the benefit of world-class CISO expertise and highly specialized security talent for a fraction of the cost of a full-time staff member

  • You gain access to a risk management team, managed by the VISO

  • You gain access to a security operation center, that has the oversight of multiple VISO

  • You gain access to compliance programs managed by the VISOs team

  • You gain access to our experience red team, with oversight by your assigned VISO

  • You gain access to our incident response and detection team


Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO) Services Include but not limited to the followings:

  • (vISO) Information Security Digital forensics services

  • (vISO) Information Security Vulnerability and risk assessments

  • (vISO) Information Security Internal and external penetration testing

  • (vISO) Information Security Policy and plan development

  • (vISO) Information Security Configuration management, design, and remediation

  • (vISO) Information Security Enterprise security architecture design and re-design

  • (vISO) Information Security Malicious code review

  • (vISO) Information Security Computer security incident response

  • (vISO) Information Security Engineering and architecture design

  • (vISO) Information Security Operations management

  • (vISO) Information Security Application and software security assurance

  • (vISO) Information Security Insider threat and APT assessment

  • (vISO) Information Security Social engineering (targeted phishing)

  • (vISO) Information Security IT risk management and compliance

Cyber Security Operations Consulting Virtual Information Security Officer VISO, with our VISO Consulting services you retain a board-level resource who can ‘virtually sit inside your company’ and manage your security strategy, budget, review of risks and regulatory programs.